In the last 4 years, I worked at what I believe is the best gym in NYC, S10 Training. Learning and working side by side some of the most talented trainers I had ever met. It was an amazing experience, allowing me to help so many people, and on the fun side getting to train Mathew Broderick, Diplo, Joe Jonas, Jesse Tyler Fergusen, Justin Mikita and Sara Racey Tabrizi to name drop a few, was more then I expected for myself just being 2 years into my professional fitness career.


The beginning:  


I started my fitness journey when I was 12. My father was a Marine and I remember walking into the base gym for the first time. There were tons of Marines inside lifting what seemed to be impossible amounts of weight. 60lb dumbbell curls, 120lb dumbbell bench presses, and 300 lb. squats. I was hooked. In the beginning, it was much more about myself and my own personal aspirations. The idea of using the training knowledge I had gained, for other people had not yet blossomed. After over a decade of trying every profession you can think of and going to College, life brought me directly into fitness as a profession. This time it had become clear that it was more about helping others. The first time I looked into a client's eyes who was in a desperate space and realized that it was much deeper than just aesthetics, Instagram posts, and weight personal records. I knew I would forever be on a mission to drive people to change their lives. This is why I do not accept excuses and I only expect results for my clients and my clients can expect the same from me.



As I sat on a busy subway in New York City peering out the window,, I found myself thinking about those who never lost that spark in themselves to be competitive and to strive to achieve every goal or obstacle that stood in front of them. That is when the Athleteist identity began to take form. 


As a former America's Next Top Model and collegiate athlete, my world has always been blended between a passion for fashion and a competitive drive to perform athletically. The Athleteist identity led me to creating a custom apparel line that signifies exactly that - fashion, athletics, lifestyle, and luxury. Meet the humbly cocky. 



From that single mother like hers, trying to start a business, working out at home—to that ex college or high school athlete that daydreams while at the office, always thinking of running the score on rivals, you never let that spark die. It's a lifestyle of being the best but never having to verbally express it. Always in the back of the mind like inspirational motivational quotes, you know there’s more to you. 


ATHELTEIST went from an identity, to a brand, to apparel, to the best personal fitness experience on the market. By cutting away the fat of flashy gyms and we give you a one-on-one facility that allows you to be you, focus on you, and achieve your goals.


At ATHLETEIST, I believe in unlocking the potential of every client and creating a personal atmosphere so you can achieve your very best results. Our studio in Scottsdale was created by answering a simple question: “If we wanted a place to work out, what would it look and feel like?"


Simple, effective, and backed by data. Our Fit3D Proscanner is a one of a kind tool to track lean muscle, body fat, and postural changes because it is important to us to show every client what their hard work looks like.