What we offer: a private and personal experience---just you and your trainer. We consider this "your personal gym for an hour", with elite celebrity and athlete trainer Pierre Batraville. He has worked with Joe Jonas, Diplo, Jesse Tyler Fergusen, and Mathew Broderick to name a few. But most importantly Pierre has worked with military men and women training for service, people with acute debilitating issues, and all people who have come to see what a difference training with Coach P has done for them.

We believe in data-driven results with the latest technology of the Fit3D Body Scanner. Custom programming for whatever your needs are and most importantly, personal attention to detail. Making sure your form is always correct, we keep our class sizes small for this reason. 

Be it nutrition coaching, tailoring the most effective workout plan to change your body composition, or to help strengthen post-rehab.  We have you covered. Not in Arizona? We have a huge clientele who we train via Live Virtual Training all over the USA. 

we are the:


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